Amazing communication, customer service and product! Cliff has always gone above and beyond for us and GoToro has helped us navigate a very difficult hiring market by providing great results. I would definitely recommend them for lead generation services.”

Abby Lawson, Transportation, Trucking/Logistics 

“Very great experience with GoToro! We receive driver applications almost daily and have hired some great employees through this site. The staff is always friendly and helpful, Kathryn has been a huge help. Overall, a very pleasant experience working with them!”

Larissa Barlow, Transportation – Motor Coach

“We needed a resource designed to help us fill our harder positions. Today, GoToro is the only platform we use to fill our Class A positions.”

Ross Dubow, Transportation, Trucking/Logistics 

This Company is the real deal! There customer service team is outstanding. They deliver what they say they can do, very detailed oriented. They take the budget you set for them make the best of what you’re spending. We have weekly calls to review and adjust. This company will get you results!”

G.B Bic, Transportation, Trucking/Logistics

This organization has been good to work with. They are quick to respond to questions and act on requested adjustments. They are also diligent about checking in periodically to get a pulse on the activity. I would recommend giving them consideration for your marketing needs.”

Troy Morlan, Transportation, Trucking/Logistics

“GoToro has been a great partner for us. They assisted with additional recruiting support when we were in a season of transition within our HR department. Kathryn has been an excellent account manager, always listening to our needs and …More”

Aeriel Miller, Transportation, Trucking/Logistics 

Make Your Job Work for You

The GoToro platform is unlike any other recruitment platform in the world. We leverage our innovative technology to ensure your recruitment strategy is holistic, effective, and competitively superior.

Our platform will give you all your time back and confidence that your advertising spend is being allocated in the right places that produce quality and volume quickly. With GoToro’s platform, you can expect:

  • Faster time to hire
  • Higher volume of qualified candidates
  • Efficient recruitment workflow
  • Higher recruiter and candidate satisfaction
  • Better use of advertising budget
  • Lower overall cost-per-hire
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Paving the way toward a superior technology solution for hiring needs has been GoToro’s path for the past 10+ years. Leading the way to incorporate advanced digital recruitment technology into the recruitment space is prominent in GoToro’s value proposition, with the goal of helping customers find the hires they deserve.


Developing an innovative digital recruitment solution when the market is dry for something groundbreaking puts GoToro at the forefront of the recruitment technology space. GoToro’s Digital Success Team has the edge in the candidate world with this technology, providing you with quality applicants quickly and efficiently.


Having the ability to optimize a campaign in real-time is essential when in a high-turnover market. This technology works overtime to save you money, time, and the aggravation of unqualified candidates by using machine learning to put the right jobs in front of the right person.

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Ready to hire the modern way

Get a competitive edge to hire fast and effectively through advanced digital recruitment marketing technology.

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Ready to hire the modern way?

Get a competitive edge to hire fast and effectively through advanced digital recruitment marketing technology.