Attending a conference can be very intimidating at first, but they are a great space for networking, learning new skills, and staying connected to the latest trends in your field of business. Thousands of people attend conferences every year – trade show and conference planning increased by 11.8% in 2022 (IbisWorld, 2022).

At GoToro, we are attending 11 conferences across the country this year to expand our knowledge about the industry and meet those who we can help find the hires they need.

Below is a list of several benefits that conferences can bring to your business, whether it is expanding your client pool to learning new strategies at speaker events, there is something beneficial for everyone who attends events like these.


Arguably the most valuable and important benefit of attending conferences is the potential networking opportunities that arise there. Everyone is there to network at booths, speaker events, workshops, and even dinner events afterward. The best practice to begin networking is to research who and what companies will be attending the event. Most organizers will provide a list of companies who will have booths and send out the schedule of events ahead of time. It is important to decide what events you will attend, where the booths are that you want to interact with, and overall how you want to present yourself and your business accordingly.

Learning and Educational Opportunities

Since many conferences are only a few days long, the schedules are packed with all kinds of events, speakers, workshops, and panel discussions. Take advantage of everything that the schedule has to offer because these events and discussions are filled with the knowledge of industry experts. Many of them travel to these events not only just expand their own brand but to also share trends, advice, and their own personal experiences in the industry. Utilizing the resources that are provided at conferences can expand your sight into the industry and learn more about what you can do to improve your place by giving a fresh perspective on how to navigate the business you are in.

Improving Your Brand Awareness

Showcasing your business and what you bring to the table is the biggest part of attending a conference. Interacting with customers, other businesses, and executives by making your booth shine, attending workshops, and interacting with customers who are attending. This is the time to not be shy, know how to sell your business/product, and gain exposure by speaking to as many people as possible. You are the best representation of your business, so make sure the people around you know that as well! 60% of business leaders believe that events are critical for company success (Zippia, 2023, so it is critical to introduce your brand accordingly and learn how to speak about it effectively.

Tips Before You Go

Preparing for a conference can feel daunting if it is your first time attending one, so we have put together a few tips to help you prepare!

Review the Agenda

The agenda is usually available on the conference’s website weeks before it is intended to start, so getting a head start on making your schedule should be easy. The agenda will lay out all the times, dates, and locations of every event that is going on at the conference, so it is important to pick and register for the ones you want to attend. In many instances, events will overlap with each other so you must be mindful of what you would like to attend and get out of the events you choose. Anything related particularly to your business should be a high priority because you can always learn more about the industry!

Speaker + Attendee List

If this information is available to you, it is important to get familiar with the people and businesses that will be attending the conference with you. Knowing who will be attending can help you formulate your sales pitch, booth set up, and who from your company you would like to bring along. The speaker list ties into checking out the agenda, but also doing some research on the speakers can help you decide who you want to see or who you want to check out in the future if you must miss their event.

What to Pack + Bring Into the Event

Since many conferences in the U.S. are in big cities like New York City, Orlando, and Las Vegas, planning what you need to pack for each day is vital to the success of the trip. Make sure to pack chargers for all your electronics – laptops, phones, monitors – especially if you are using them for presentation or demo purposes at the event. Bringing a few extension cords and a hot spot is ideal as well as some conferences don’t have access to the best internet or electronic equipment. Business cards, banners, signs, information packets, and anything else you can bring to show off your brand at the booth and to hand out is essential to expanding your reach at the event. Lastly, looking the part is important as well, so make sure to bring a few outfit options ranging from formal business attire to business casual for all throughout the conference.

All in all, attending conferences can be very beneficial for your business by acting as a huge networking opportunity, providing educational purposes, and helping you improve your brand awareness. It is important to choose the conferences you attend wisely and make sure that they are worth the time and money that goes into them. Make the most out of your time by checking the agenda before, packing what you need ahead of time, and maybe heading to the mall for a new outfit to dress to impress!

GoToro hopes to see you at one of the many conferences we are attending this year:

  • HR Transform, Las Vegas, NV
  • MATS, Louisville, KY
  • SHRM Talent Conference & Expo, Orlando, FL
  • Unleash America, Las Vegas, NV
  • NPTC, Orlando, FL
  • TA Tech – Austin, TX
  • SHRM23, Las Vegas, NV
  • Route Consultant Contractor Expo, Las Vegas, NV
  • IMG SAM, Green Bay, WI
  • HR Tech Expo, Las Vegas, NV
  • ATA Management Conference & Exhibition, Austin, TX

Look out for our GoToro branded booth and see if we can help you hire faster with our expertise in high-volume, high-velocity markets by using our in-house omni-channel software!