BAYADA® Home Health Care

Illustration of diverse healthcare professionals providing home health care services

BAYADA Home Health Care is an international provider of home health care services, founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1975. Now headquartered in Moorestown, New Jersey, BAYADA has a special purpose: to help people have a safe home life with comfort, independence, and dignity. From the nurse, therapist, or aide in the home to the 28,000 committed BAYADA employees supporting their work, delivering that care is the company’s highest priority. With offices in 23 states, the company works to help clients in the United States, India, Ireland, South Korea, and Germany.

“GoToro is focused on us, and I like that.”

Founded by Mark Baiada, BAYADA Home Health Care employs nurses, home health aides, and therapists to care for children and adults in their homes. Ten of their New Jersey locations have been using GoToro for about nine months, specifically to find and hire qualified nurses to provide one-on-one care with compassion, excellence, and reliability. The company turned to GoToro due to the difficulty of finding qualified home care nurses in a tight job market, where hospital pay is higher, and many nursing school graduates are not even aware that a career in-home care is a possibility.

Jessica Wishkoff is an Interim Director / Area Recruiting Manager for the company in one of its New Jersey divisions, reporting to Tim Wimberly, Division Director. Her responsibilities have grown well beyond her title.

A former director with a Master’s in Social Work, she joined BAYADA because she was impressed by how long her interviewers had been with the company. “Always a really good sign,” Wishkoff said. Today, she spends a good amount of her time working with recruiters at other BAYADA offices, helping them hone their skills, follow best practices, keep proper documentation, and present a uniform, high-quality professional image to their nursing audience and an exceptional candidate experience.

“My position has developed into much more of an advocate and a mentor,” explained Wishkoff, “but I’ve never felt as passionate about recruiting as I do now. Hopefully, I’m instilling the same feeling in our recruiting managers.

“GoToro is the future of recruiting.”

Wishkoff remembers her early days as a director overseeing recruiters who were combing the Internet for possible candidates, then calling them to discuss a job possibility. Those time-consuming, slow productivity days are long gone for BAYADA’s recruitment managers. Instead, the company began using GoToro to find candidates that were not “the usual suspects.” The new users included Wishkoff in her New Jersey division.

“Being such a big company with a large footprint in this market,” Wishkoff said, “we’re typically getting the same clients or same prospects over and over again. I’ve noticed with GoToro that we’re getting prospects we’ve never spoken with before. That’s a big plus and a big opportunity for us.”

“GoToro’s technology keeps us at the same level as our prospects.”

She sees GoToro as the future of recruiting, which is taking shape faster than expected. “GoToro’s technology keeps us at the same level as our prospects,” said Tim Wimberly. “They’re not reading the newspaper looking for jobs. They’re searching online and on their cell phones.” This is precisely why GoToro, with its mobile-friendly application process, has become increasingly more relevant.

In the past month alone, 70% of BAYADA’s applications have been through mobile, underlining its importance.”

Technology and Support are an Unbeatable Combination

Wishkoff has an excellent appreciation for GoToro’s inherent flexibility. “I can look at GoToro’s analytic reports to see which campaigns are getting the best response and which are not generating hits,” she said. “We can tweak those right away because we’re not bound by a contract of ‘your ad has to be out there for X number of days, and you can’t tweak it.’ So we can reevaluate our needs periodically, and that’s great.”

According to Wishkoff, that flexibility also extends to GoToro’s support. “When I give them feedback that something’s not working, they usually have a solution to change it,” she said. “Things are not stagnant. If I say this application question is not working and we need to figure it out, they fix it. If I’m on the dashboard and I want different information, they resolve that. I’m excited to see the outcome of the changes we’re making right now. They are only getting better and smarter to help us recruit nurses.”

Filling a Gap in Recruiting Resources for Healthcare

Wishkoff said that she “would certainly recommend” GoToro for its flexibility and control in managing job postings. And she thinks it’s the right idea at the right time, filling a resource gap in her field. “There are a lot of recruiting resources and tools for white-collar jobs,” she said. “There aren’t many recruiting resources specifically for nursing and healthcare. When I research online, I’ve noticed that I get redirected, and suddenly they’re talking about hiring accountants or something. GoToro is focused on us, and I like that.”