Bayard Advertising

Illustration of a truck on a road symbolizing successful truck driver recruitment.

The Problem

Bayard Advertising, a full-service advertising agency family-owned since 1923, is the oldest recruiting company in the United States. For the past 14 years, one of their five divisions – Transportation and Logistics – has established an extensive roster of trucking carriers that hire Bayard to help recruit qualified drivers. “These companies experience an average of 150% turnover in drivers, so we’re always looking for new vendors to help support our customers,” says Greg Parker, Vice President of Client Services at Bayard.

Bayard needs well-qualified applicants who are interested in specific job openings while fulfilling each carrier’s defined needs, yet many trucking job recruiters offer Bayard multi-carrier applications. “Someone can put an email address up on a site, and maybe 100 carriers will sign up. However, this method devalues the applicant because it’s a shotgun approach,” says Parker. “It’s not a dedicated application to a specific company.”

The Solution

Five years ago, Parker met the team at GoToro, and Bayard tested them like they do all new media. “GoToro provided more services than the others, plus their offices are close by in New Jersey, so they’re always stopping by to add that extra service element to our relationship,” Parker says. Though many companies are good at sending leads into Bayard’s applicant tracking system, managing budgets, and targeting areas for recruitment, Parker notes that GoToro stands apart.

“What makes GoToro better than many of their competitors is that they only send direct leads to the carrier running the specific campaign,” says Parker. “It’s a Value over Volume model that has propelled them to succeed in this very competitive truck driver recruitment market.”

GoToro relies on its proprietary network to streamline and target the application and screening process that links potential drivers to the right company. This innovative technology allows GoToro to evaluate each applicant according to established parameters and to make recommendations for how to run the campaign. GoToro also implemented new tools to help Bayard support its customers – for instance, to manage the Craigslist posting schedules that allow for automated daily posting. One of the best things about GoToro is that they will never take a campaign they can’t effectively support. For them, it’s about doing quality work, not just collecting money.”

“GoToro will actually turn down a campaign if they feel they will not be effective for the customer. I can rely on them to give me an honest opinion about how hard a campaign to attract driver candidates will be.”

The Result

As an agency, Bayard’s goal is to continue to grow its trucking practice and attract more carriers, and Parker ranks GoToro as one of their top lead sources.

“GoToro ranks in the 90th percentile – and delivers high value when delivering leads for recruitment. Our clients need us to produce the best leads possible so they can hire the best drivers available. GoToro does a good job of delivering on their promise and working to serve our customer’s requirements,” says Parker. “With GoToro, value over volume hits the mark every time.”

Though other recruitment companies are willing to just process applicants and go from there, Parker says GoToro’s customer service angle and communications are above and beyond. “If a carrier tells me they have problems and can’t find any drivers in a particular location, my first reaction is to call GoToro. They’re always keeping us informed, offering new strategies to save time and money, and developing ways to help our customers. Their team and technologies are terrific, which is why we have worked with them for many years.”