Bolus Freight Systems

Illustration of trucks on a road symbolizing successful fleet expansion and driver recruitment.

The Bolus companies are proud to be serving the transportation industry for over 80 years. Their main facility is located in Scranton, PA, with additional locations in Syracuse, NY, and Buffalo, NY. They attribute their success to their employees. They hire the best people that are dedicated to safety, customer service, and professionalism.

The GoToro Bump

Bolus Freight Systems, Inc. has been in business for over 80 years because they continue to strive to exceed the expectations of their customers and to continue to always move forward, never forgetting their core foundation and traditions. Their Director of Recruiting and Retention Robert Trently has worked within the transportation and logistics industry for the past 13 years. He has had various jobs within the industry ranging from human resources to transportation manager, but in the last four years, he has been focused exclusively on recruitment and retention.

Before using GoToro, Bolus made 10 monthly hires from about 50 indirect applicants. The application-to-hire conversion rate was 20%. Since adopting GoToro, the application-to-hire conversion rate has increased significantly.

“The conversion rate is 78% for GoToro, that number is ridiculous, 78% of people who apply, I hire. It’s incredible, and that number speaks for itself.”

The average time for application-to-hire before GoToro was over two weeks. GoToro has reduced that time to five days or by over 50%. “The application comes in on Monday, and they are in orientation by Friday.” Therefore, 78% of all applicants received via GoToro are in orientation within five days after initial contact.

GoToro does not just post jobs for customers. The platform provides 100% fully managed campaigns. Whenever Robert has a job posting that is not getting the immediate traffic it deserves and requires a modification to Robert’s campaign, Amanda and the GoToro team has been right on top of it. “I find the service very good because Amanda reaches out at least weekly, and her turnaround time on emails from her is about six or seven seconds.”

Indirect Leads vs. Direct Leads

In Robert’s previous experience, when reaching out to indirect applications from the major job boards, the conversation usually starts with “Who is this?” and the next 45 minutes is spent explaining everything about the company to someone who never applied for a position at Bolus in the first place.

GoToro never sends indirect leads. “The direct leads Amanda and her team fire over to me are just ridiculous. They already know about the company, and that is why they are applying.” Direct and unique leads are what GoToro prides itself on. “I have tried everything in my career, from texting to emailing and all that nice stuff, but nothing compares to that direct phone call.”

“The amount of time spent on vetting candidates has decreased by about 75% since using GoToro.”

When Robert started working at Bolus, he immediately reached out to his sales representative, Brad, to set up a phone call. Robert and Brad first connected in mid-2019 at Robert’s previous job, where he found success using GoToro’s recruitment platform. Before using GoToro, Bolus’s recruitment budget was allocated to all indirect lead avenues ranging from emails to voicemail drops.

It is no secret that the retention of drivers is a huge problem. Employee turnover can cause companies to miss freight delivery deadlines, create angry customers, and decrease revenue—this is why Bolus utilizes GoToro as a direct lead source to find the best drivers available.

They are all new and fresh, 100% of all the leads that come through GoToro are qualified.”

Fleet Expansion

Within six months of using GoToro, Bolus had a fleet size of 124 trucks, and now, they have over 150 trucks. At the time of this interview, there is not one empty truck in Bolus’s lot. They also have over 20 new trucks coming in over the next month, hoping to expand the fleet to over 200 with GoToro as the primary catalyst. Best described by Robert, “GoToro is a life hack.”

Before using GoToro, Robert was manually bidding on job boards, running their social media, and trying to stay relevant to all the places he posted their jobs. GoToro’s fully managed campaign has saved Robert hours of manual work and allowed him to do what he was hired to do, recruit and retain qualified drivers.”If I didn’t know about GoToro, to be honest, I’d be looking for a similar solution.”