Churchill Transportation

Professional truck drivers loading freight onto a Churchill Transportation truck.

In 1977, Jerry Churchill created Churchill Transportation after six years as a freight salesman. With a small office in Dearborn, Michigan, and a loyal customer following, Churchill Transportation became a highly successful freight broker specializing in moving freight between the U.S. and Canada. Churchill Transportation moved to Detroit in 1978, developed a relationship with the Chrysler Corporation in 1984, and continued to progress and succeed in the U.S. and Canadian freight market to the present day.

Finding Qualified Potential Hires

When Travis Long joined Churchill Transportation as a recruiter, he noticed their previous candidate sourcing methods through Craigslist and Indeed were not producing results. Their lead volume was far below the number needed to meet hiring goals. While a number of services can deliver bulk leads, in these cases, the candidates typically lack essential information about the company—the opposite of what Churchill Transportation needs for its employees.

The candidates already know who we are and want to work for us. GoToro does a great job putting all those details in the ads.”

GoToro is a direct lead source platform which means we can help get unique and qualified candidates to apply in real time. For Travis, that means potential hires are already familiar with Churchill Transportation when he calls, saving him valuable time and skipping lengthy introductions, streamlining his recruitment efforts. So not only is the quality there but also the quantity.

Achieving Stellar Hiring Results

Since starting its campaign with GoToro, Churchill Transportation has had an increase in monthly lead volume of 103%, making multiple qualified hires. GoToro’s platform has helped Travis—and Churchill Transportation—speak with more candidates, accelerate the hiring process, and reduce employee turnover in a high-volume and high-turnover industry.

GoToro allows us to push our ad across many different platforms, so our lead volume has more than doubled per month.”

Contacting Candidates with Ease

Getting in touch with candidates can be one of the trickiest parts of Travis’ job; studies have shown that it can take up to three phone calls to get in touch with a potential hire. To combat this issue, GoToro’s platform allows clients to text their candidates directly through our portal. This feature enables Travis to seamlessly keep his candidates engaged throughout the recruiting process without hassle. “If I can’t get a driver on the phone, they’ll usually answer my text in about two minutes,” Travis said. “Even if they aren’t available to talk, I get a response rather than being ghosted on a phone call.”

Managing Every Recruiting Need

Additionally, GoToro provides each client with a dedicated Account Manager to work closely together and monitor their campaign daily. Travis meets weekly with GoToro’s Jessica Sellman to review recent campaign results and update anything that needs to be changed going forward. “My Account Manager is outstanding,” Travis said. “She’s on top of things, listens to what we need, and lets me focus on my job. It allows us to give feedback on both sides, so we know what’s working and what isn’t.”

With GoToro, I’m getting enough candidates where I’m busy and able to fulfill my hiring goals but not too many where I’m wasting my time. It’s a good balance.”

About GoToro

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