Healthy Living Network

Healthy Living Network - Empowering In-Home Healthcare Services

The Healthy Living Network is a network of home health, hospice, and home care agencies. Their mission is to provide the highest quality of personalized in-home healthcare services with kindness and compassion. Healthy Living Network currently provides services in seven states across the west coast and growing.

From Hiring Tool to Recruitment Partner

Scott Melead began his career in the staffing industry, mainly focused on IT staffing. After years of working on both temp and perm placements, he was given the opportunity to join Healthy Living Network and help them develop their talent acquisition department and strategies. Though this was his first venture into healthcare recruiting and the recruitment department was still in the startup stages, he was eager to take on the role.

“Healthcare isn’t going anywhere, so I decided to take that jump… It was a little scary at first because I walked in and realized we didn’t even have an ATS yet.” Scott and another Senior Recruiter built Healthy Living Network’s hiring structure from the ground up, implementing everything from an ATS to recruiting metrics to the onboarding process.

Since then, Healthy Living Network has grown the recruitment department to support the entire network of around 30 home health and hospice agencies. “Since that small office, we’ve moved to a new office of about 40 people, and we’re actually knocking out the wall next door to expand even further.” They operate throughout seven states, mostly located on the west coast, and despite their growth, they haven’t lost their startup mindset. Scott’s role transitioned to a Recruitment Manager, where he now oversees the network’s full-cycle recruiting department. On an average week, he’ll work on everything from driving hiring initiatives to creating individualized staffing plans for agencies to managing vendor relationships.

New Resources to Drive Growth

Scott began to work with his team to evaluate new recruiting resources. After a month-long trial with both ZipRecruiter and Monster, he was unimpressed by their results. That’s when he received an email from the GoToro team: “The marketing email caught my eye, and I thought, let’s try it, why not?” So Scott decided to test the platform’s efficiency for Healthy Living Network by running a one-month pilot.

When we did the pilot program with GoToro, we already had a few placements within 17 days…it was really easy to put together a case that the platform was worth it.

After the success of the pilot, Healthy Living Network decided to move forward with the platform. Scott realized that if he wanted to continue the company’s growth, they would need a new resource to augment their applicant flow. “I felt we had saturated the talent market on specific platforms and needed other channels to keep growing and expanding.” Working with GoToro has supplemented Healthy Living Network’s current applicant channels and helped them connect with many new applicants that they hadn’t seen previously. “I’ve been impressed with the applicant flow. It’s always been steady. The first thing I do in the morning is check all of the applications that come in through GoToro and send them to my team.”

Personalized Recruiting

Beyond providing Healthy Living Network with a new applicant channel, GoToro has formed a partnership with its team. GoToro’s Account Management team has worked as an extension of Scott’s team to adjust their recruitment campaigns to meet his hiring needs. Their flexibility is something he doesn’t experience with other tools:

That’s where other platforms have fallen short recently. They haven’t been a true partner. So it’s refreshing to have that with GoToro.”

Scott shared that he would recommend GoToro as a way for recruiting teams to diversify their applicant channels. “It’s about not putting all your eggs in one basket.”

Overall, Scott is satisfied with working with GoToro and happy they’ve been able to serve as an extension of his recruiting team. “Our experience has been great… It really goes back to that partnership.”