Established in 1996 in Southern California, HomeDeliveryLink is a family-owned provider of final mile delivery solutions for large furniture and appliances across the U.S., relying heavily on recruiting qualified delivery contractors to maintain operations.

In the past, HomeDeliveryLink encountered difficulties in sourcing top-tier candidates. These contractors, often small incorporated entities, play a vital role in executing deliveries. The company understands the importance of securing top-tier candidates and the value of effective recruiting methods, recognizing the significant impact that even one high-quality employee can have on their operations.

Chris, the Director of Compliance, plays a multifaceted role within the organization, handling various responsibilities across different departments, including managing all advertising efforts for recruitment.

Recruiting Methods Before GoToro

Before incorporating GoToro into their recruitment strategy, Chris relied on traditional methods like local classified advertising and platforms like Indeed, Monster, and Social Media to deliver contractor candidates.

Due to unqualified applicants and a stagnant pool of candidates, these methods became less effective over time, which prompted Chris to explore alternative solutions to supplement his recruiting strategy.

What initially appealed to Chris was GoToro’s ability to leverage various advertising channels seamlessly, relieving the burden of constant platform maintenance across different channels.

Technology Designed to Save Time

“GoToro manages a lot of work for us. Before Gotoro, I spent 30% or 40% of my time just managing the traffic from those ads.”

By leveraging GoToro’s next-generation AI programmatic job advertising platform, Leading Edge Optimization (L.E.O.), HomeDeliveryLink has saved time and increased efficiency in their recruitment process.

L.E.O. is powered by data-driven insight curated over the last 10+ years of digital job advertising.

“GoToro’s understanding of what we’re looking for helps to filter out some of the noise, providing us with more qualified applicants.

Filling Roles with Niche Requirements

HomeDeliveryLink encountered difficulties in recruitment due to the qualification requirements of their business and the regions they operate in.

To address these challenges, Chris sought innovative solutions like GoToro to streamline recruitment processes and attract qualified talent.

“I explained to GoToro that I’m giving them our toughest assignments where the churn rate is high and they help us perpetually find qualified candidates.”

Despite the tougher locations, the quality of the leads from GoToro is significantly superior.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Moreover, Chris appreciated GoToro’s Account Management Team’s responsiveness and proactive support, noting that the team consistently demonstrated a keen understanding of their needs and remained readily available to assist.

“I really appreciate the services, and you are always available and are doing a nice job.”


“The quality of the candidates that we get with GoToro is much higher than Indeed and delivers 10x the number of qualified candidates that meet our requirements.”

He also commended GoToro for its efficiency and effectiveness in streamlining the recruitment process, highlighting GoToro’s ability to tap into a truly unique audience, via its omnichannel advertising network, that previously was not being reached.

“GoToro’s understanding of what we’re looking for helps to filter out some of the noise, providing us with more qualified applicants.”

HomeDeliveryLink mentioned that L.E.O. provides a user-friendly experience, making it easier for both recruiters and candidates to navigate.

Through its collaboration with GoToro, HomeDeliveryLink has optimized its recruitment process, overcoming challenges associated with traditional methods and volatile markets. By utilizing the power of programmatic job advertising and social media outreach, the company can efficiently identify and onboard qualified delivery contractors and focus on its core mission of providing exceptional delivery services to its clients nationwide.

“Knowing that GoToro can use all the different channels and just kind of take that work and run with it was very appealing. We gave it a go and had success.”

About GoToro

GoToro is a digital job advertising company that provides a job ad tech solution to our Leading Edge Optimization (L.E.O.) platform. With our proprietary machine learning technology and omni-channel network, we secure qualified candidates quickly, using real-time data to optimize your ad spend efficiently. This technology is purpose-built to find the candidates you need, while giving you your time back and reducing cost per hire for high-turnover markets.

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