IronLinx Transportation

IronLinx Transportation - Revolutionizing Driver Recruitment

IronLinx Transportation started in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, as the truckload division for IronLinx Distribution. Founded by F. Scott Danby in 2005, IronLinx Distribution provided freight and order fulfillment services primarily to e-commerce companies. IronLinx started in a small 4-bay garage, working up to a full-scale warehouse in 2007.

Today, IronLinx Transportation employs roughly 70 drivers and staff members and operates 24/7 from two terminals and one heavy maintenance facility. The fleet includes 60 tractors and over 400 dry-van trailers. IronLinx runs the entire east coast, focusing on same and next-day service in the mid-Atlantic and northeast.

After 30 years of experience on the road, John McConnell joined IronLinx Transportation back in 2015 as a driver. Once John reached his 5th year with the company, they asked him to become a recruiter to find more drivers like himself.

When I started, it was really up and down when trying to find drivers. We tried using platforms like Glassdoor and Indeed, but the quality just wasn’t there. It was a complete waste of time.”

John typically starts his day at IronLinx around 5:30 a.m. making sure dispatch gets sent out, followed by helping the drivers and logging on to see if he has received any applies for his positions. Since starting with GoToro, John says the texting feature has been a game changer for giving him time back in his busy day.


At GoToro, we have a feature that notifies the recruiters instantly when a candidate applies. This allows them to text candidates to avoid the hassle of trying to reach them through endless emails and phone calls.

“The texting feature has been huge for me. In the past, I’ve used different platforms where I don’t get notified or have to keep going back into the system to message candidates. With GoToro’s texting feature, I can reply to candidates instantly without sitting at my desk all day chasing them down.”

White-Glove Service

A campaign can only be successful if you give it the time it deserves. John says having a regular cadence with his Account Manager has been crucial to the success of his campaign. “My Account Manager is great. She does a lot for me. Whenever I had any questions or had to make a change to my campaign, she would make the fixes right away. I ended up getting more applications from her changes.”

The partnership between an Account Manager and a client is essential. John says that without his Account Manager, he would be lost. “You’re going into this blind, so your Account Manager is your support system. They take the burden off you so you can focus on doing your job.”

I would 100% recommend GoToro to anyone looking to hire drivers.

Filling IronLinx’s Trucks

When John started his campaign with GoToro, he needed to make 7 hires to fill his trucks. Today, John has filled all of his trucks using GoToro. “Ever since the pandemic, it’s been hard to find drivers. Since making my hires with GoToro, I have been able to fill my trucks and keep them filled. It’s been great for us.”

John says he would recommend GoToro to anyone in the market for drivers. He’s already connected his friends with GoToro, so they, too, can have the same results with hiring drivers. “If GoToro didn’t fill my trucks with drivers already, I would still be using this service. However, when I need to make more hires, I will 100% be using my Account Manager and the GoToro team to fill those trucks.”

Overall, GoToro delivered the results necessary for John and his team over at IronLinx to make their hires and get their trucks on the road. In the words of John, “IronLinx will 100% be back.”