Midnite Express 

Midnite Express - Recruitment Success with GoToro

Midnite Express was incorporated in 1986 and is based in West Fargo, North Dakota. An asset-based trucking company, it delivers freight across the northern tier of the U.S. from Pennsylvania to Montana with a fleet of nearly 100 trucks. Midnite Express also provides third-party logistics and intermodal and transportation brokerage services, matching customers’ cargo with carriers’ capacity, along with corporate traffic management, drop trailer pools, less-than-truckload transportation, warehousing services, and supply chain management. Midnite Express is owned by MME.

An Expert in the Industry

Mark Wolter has been involved with trucking for over 40 years as a mechanic, shop foreman, fleet administrator, and, since 2009, Director of Safety and Maintenance at North Dakota’s Midnite Express trucking company. His record shows a commitment to the industry and to trucking safety that few, if any, can match: active member and past President of both the North Dakota Motor Carriers Association and Transportation Club of Fargo Moorhead, recipient of multiple Safety Professional of the Year awards, Committee Chairman of the Safety 20 Focus Group of the Transportation Club of Fargo Moorhead, Director of Safety Certification from the North American Transportation Management Institute, even meetings in Washington with congresspeople and senators from his state to discuss trucking issues. So when Wolter has something good to say about someone in the business, it carries weight. And we’re proud to say he gives a thumbs-up to GoToro. In a climate where it can be a challenge to find good drivers, that’s a huge plus.

GoToro Tops Other Services

In addition to traditional advertising on radio and billboards, Wolter has tried a lot of online recruitment companies. On one site he tested, he was promised that all applications would go directly to him. He decided to put that to the test. He filled out an application and waited for it to route to his inbox. Instead, his email was flooded by recruitment messages from 56 trucking companies. “It wasn’t exactly exclusive,” he says. “On top of that, my own application was never sent to me, and neither were any others.” That was one recruitment site he crossed off his list.

When Wolter does find a recruiting platform or tool that he’s interested in, he tries it out for 90 days to see how it does. “After that, I tell them whether or not I’m going to continue with them,” Wolter explained. He decided to try GoToro when he was told it was a true direct lead source. A driver would know exactly who Midnite Express is and why they are calling. “It sounded good, but it had to pass the test,” he says GoToro made the grade.

No matter what other solutions were in the mix, GoToro kept coming up number one in terms of results.”

Earning Top Marks for Customer Service

Having worked in the service industry for a long time, Wolter understands the importance of customer service. It’s an area that he’s found wanting with some vendors, but not with GoToro. “My personal customer service rep, Amanda, is the best. I have tried a lot of other companies and I know the difference when it comes to customer service. I would give her an A+.”

GoToro’s Amanda Fasano, returns the compliment. “Mark and I have had a fantastic partnership and have been extremely successful in tackling his recruitment challenges together,” she explains. “Since Midnite Express started working with us, we’ve been able to bring new recruiting tools into their marketing mix, such as social media lead generation campaigns, plus some really useful reporting and analytics. Our constant and open communication has been a key element in helping us become Mark’s top-performing lead source.”

Better Results With Less Effort

Receiving more qualified applications and expanding his number of drivers has made at least one part of Wolter’s busy professional life easier. “There’s never a dull moment in trucking, I’m on 24/7. I get calls at 2 a.m. But that’s my job, that’s what I do, and I try to do everything I can to put my best foot forward.”