Midwest Logistics Systems

Midwest Logistics Systems - Recruitment Success with GoToro

Kelly Varnes is the Recruiter for Midwest Logistics Systems, founded in 1989. She has been with the company for slightly over a year but is well-versed in the industry as she has been working in the trucking industry for the past 26 years. Kelly loves talking with people and the drivers she receives applications from and has been finding success in her goal of finding the quality drivers that will stay with Midwest Logistics Systems from start to finish. However, sometimes she can’t escape the trucking industry at home since her husband is also an experienced driver in the area.

Midwest Logistics Systems is based out of Celina, Ohio, and has made a name for itself through hauling parts for major auto manufacturers. Prior to using GoToro, their recruitment efforts largely relied on traditional recruitment methods, such as newspaper ads, billboards, flyers, and radio ads. While the company still recruits new drivers with those methods, since beginning a partnership with GoToro in October 2018, they have continued to expand their reach and improve internal processes that have grown the business.

More Drivers and More Business

While Midwest Logistics Systems was founded and began its business in Celina, OH almost 30 years ago, the company has been able to expand its business tremendously since then. Their drivers are running on a 24-hour clock, while still ensuring they are within the legal limits. These hardworking efforts along with an influx of newly qualified drivers have contributed to a constantly growing business. Their sales team is always looking for more runs for more drivers and business. Since starting with GoToro, some of their smaller regions have reaped the benefits of having more qualified drivers looking to work with Midwest Logistics Systems. In Kentucky and Alabama, Kelly has seen up to a 400% increase in drivers.

Facebook Targeting and Qualifying

One of the benefits of GoToro for Kelly has been the addition of fully managed Facebook campaigns. Kelly says, “My process has totally changed for the better.” With her Account Manager available throughout the day, she has been able to make quick updates to their campaign to allocate budget where their hiring managers are feeling the need.

The way the GoToro Facebook campaigns work for us is great, and I love it.”

Facebook campaigns have also made it easier to pick out drivers in different locations. With the GoToro in-house team of recruitment marketing experts, they are able to pinpoint the locations and demographics of the qualified drivers needed at any given time. Kelly also leverages daily emails she is sent by her Account Manager. She says, “The daily email that Alyssa sends me with the drivers that applied from the Facebook campaign is wonderful.” These easy to read lists of applicants have made it easier for Kelly to decide who is a good fit for their company and who is not.

Improving the Recruitment Process

Since using GoToro, there has been a surge in the number of new drivers she talks to every day, so now Kelly focuses on ensuring applicants are qualified and seem like they want to stay at the company for the long-term.

GoToro is easy to work with, and there is always someone there to help.”

After Kelly hears back from a driver and decides if they will be a good fit for the company, she passes them along to hiring managers at one of Midwest Logistics Systems’ multiple terminals. Getting in contact with new applicants has been successful for Kelly as well. She says, “The applicants come over live,” so they are easy to get in contact with for long-application completion or interviews. GoToro has made picking out those qualified candidates easier, with new applications delivered straight to Kelly’s inbox, and an optional client portal in case she ever wants to see all new applicants in one place.

Midwest Logistics Systems leverages both GoToro’s responsive fully-managed services along with new recruitment channels to streamline their recruitment processes and drive their business forward.