Pacific Shipping & Trucking

Pacific Shipping & Trucking - Recruitment Success with GoToro

Founded in 1984 by Keith Robertson, Pacific Shipping & Trucking is a specialized carrier with over a quarter-century of experience using refrigerated trailers to deliver products nationwide. They’ve grown from humble beginnings in the Midwest to become a major player in the continental containerized beef and pork export market, shipping for some of North America’s largest names in protein and food production. Pacific Shipping & Trucking prides itself on maintaining excellent equipment and providing exemplary service through its drivers and staff, most of whom have been with the company for years.

Becoming a Recruitment Pro

When Cassandra Ridder joined Pacific Shipping & Trucking as the Recruiting Manager in March of 2019, it was her first time working in recruiting. However, she already had years of experience in the transportation industry, bringing on drivers that matched company standards, ”I’ve been in transportation for five years. I was in risk management and safety at my previous employer.” Because safety departments often manage new driver recruitment at trucking companies, she had a smooth transition to her new role. As the Recruiting Manager at Pacific Shipping & Trucking, Cassandra works to fill driver seats for refrigerated freight and container shipping driving, ensuring that the candidates have the proper licensure and endorsements for their roles.

Cassandra managed the full hiring cycle for Pacific Shipping & Trucking, from pre-hire candidate sourcing post-hire onboarding. On an average day, her responsibilities included posting jobs, checking her Tenstreet ATS for new candidates, interviewing applicants, conducting drug and fitness testing, collecting new hire paperwork, and onboarding drivers. Naturally, this leaves her with little time to seek out and connect with new driver candidates.

From Recycled Candidates to Direct Leads

When Cassandra joined, Pacific Shipping & Trucking was already using a platform to try to find drivers. However, she noticed a lack of quality in their applicants, “The platform takes information from these drivers and shoots them to all of their companies, so everybody would get the same leads… You never got a call back. If drivers did answer, they said that they got over 100 calls today and they weren’t interested. It was just a waste of money.” After her negative experience with that platform, she began posting jobs to Indeed but experienced a low application volume.

By the time that a sales rep from GoToro contacted her, she was eager to try a new tool to find drivers. She decided she’d try out the platform and after working with GoToro for a month, she saw an immediate change. In addition to driver responsiveness, she also noticed an improvement in the quality of applicants she got from GoToro, “The quality of drivers is much better as well, they seem to have better work history.” She now uses only GoToro and Facebook to find drivers and has all her seats filled.

Every single person that I’ve called from GoToro actually answers and already knows about the company. They are true direct leads.”

GoToro Exceeds Expectations

Since using GoToro, Pacific Shipping & Trucking’s recruitment process has gone from disorganized and time-consuming to streamlined and efficient. Cassandra uses GoToro’s client portal to track applicants, which helps her when her application volume slows down, “If I am having a couple of slow days, then I’m able to go back and touch base with a couple of those [applicants] that I’ve talked to in the past.” Plus, both the sales and client engagement teams at GoToro have been easily accessible to Cassandra and available to make changes to her job postings as needed.

“GoToro has exceeded my expectations for sure.”

Cassandra shared that she would recommend GoToro to other trucking recruiters. In fact, when she has a great candidate apply but no open role, she does her best to connect them to other carriers who are seeking drivers. Since she brought on GoToro, there’s been no looking back since.