Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials – these generations are ones we know inside and out. They’re our friends, family, employers, and co-workers – people we see and interact with daily. But what about Generation Z (Gen Z)? How do they fit into the growing workforce, and how do we get them to work for us?

Generation Z falls under the years 1997 to 2012. We will mainly be referencing those born in 1997-2002 as they enter the workforce after college or high school. They have grown up under the light of the Internet, social media, and all things digital, which plays a big part in knowing how to recruit them and which jobs they will be looking for. They are huge advocates for the environment, mental health, financial stability, and forming healthy relationships with those around them. No part of them wants to be taken advantage of in the workplace since they are so eager to get out there, learn, and succeed at what is put in front of them.

We must remember that this generation’s educational lives were thrown into the air with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many missed out on proms, graduations, school trips, and the typical in-school experience because of COVID. Now, they are beginning to rebuild their lives and figure out where they fit in this post-COVID workforce.


Contrary to popular belief, it has been reported that 51% of Generation Z prefer face-to-face communication and the potential to make a real connection with the recruiter or hiring manager they are working with. They need to feel respected during the hiring process and feel they are being considered for the job as much as the next person coming through the door. About 73% of them will stop the process if they feel as if they were being treated unfairly at any point since that could be a sign of the job being the same way.

Social Media

Technology plays a major role in Generation Z’s lives inside and outside the workforce. So, ensuring your company is current on the latest technology and social media trends is essential. Having a social media presence is more important now than ever, so managing an Instagram, Facebook, or even a TikTok page impacts recruiting this generation. In our webinar, ‘Reaching & Hiring Generation Z’ with Lindsey Trent of the Next Generation in Trucking Association, Lindsey highlighted the importance of using social media to show potential candidates that your company is current.

LinkedIn has also boomed over the past few years as the go-to place to find jobs, network, and share ideas about the job force. Since the start of 2020, LinkedIn has reported that Gen Z’s engagement on their platform has grown 2.7 times. As a result, having and growing your LinkedIn account is becoming the norm, even if it may not seem like the platform for you. When searching a person’s name or company, 9 times out of 10, their LinkedIn account will appear. Having as much information in there, like job postings, information about your company, and what you bring to the table, will make you stand out amongst others who aren’t utilizing the platform. At GoToro, we use a variety of social media sites to reach potential candidates for our clients. Additionally, we always encourage them to increase their brand’s online presence. If your company isn’t active on social media, Generation Z will not want to work for you.


Since this generation is returning from a COVID-ridden educational experience, many didn’t have the chance to participate in internships, career fairs, or workshops. They crave leadership and career advancement in any job they are looking for. So, being able to provide educational and developmental programs to your Gen-Z employees will make them want to join your company even more.

Generation Z is a fascinating, versatile, technologically driven group of young people eager to learn, gain lifelong skills, and bring their own views into the workforce. Each generation brings a new set of challenges to the world of recruitment, and learning how to adapt and fit each generation’s needs is very important to gaining and retaining quality employees. By 2025, Generation Z will account for 27% of the entire workforce, so the time is NOW to revive, reinvent, and reinvigorate your recruitment practices.

If you’re looking for help reaching generations of all kinds to work for your company, contact us today to learn how we can help.